Spentera Profile 2011

Spentera Security is a Security Consulting Company specializing in Penetration Testing and Digital Forensic. We perform testing for our clients whom are from all around the world. Our comprehensive portfolio of services has contributed to the security of many widely used applications, effectively helping in keeping them off the vulnerability mailing lists. We also offer digital forensics services to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, organizations and the general public. The services are offered based on the systematic foundation of digital forensics methodology, which involves digital evidence collection, preservation, analysis and presentation. We have been working closely with our international and domestic customers for over 7 years, assisting them with safe exploitation of new technologies for their competitive advantage.The Team

Our team of security experts has reviewed an array of business-critical security products, computer systems and protocols, searching for security flaws and  effective ways of fixing them in every stage of product’s lifecycle. For educational purposes of computer information society we are constantly publishing security papers and advisories. We are committed to following simple, but ambitious practices:

  1. To constantly strive to provide innovating and comprehensive digital security services.
  2. To operate in strict moral, ethical and legal code.
  3. To help develop effective, optimal operational methodologies that increase daily level of digital security in organizations.
  4. To contribute to standardization efforts in projects related to information security.
  5. To encourage individuals and organizations involved in software development from different industries to apply digital security procedures and awareness in their business life-cycles.

More information about our company please visit www.spentera.com