ComplexShutdown – Timer For Shudown Your Ubuntu

Sometimes, your Ubuntu box running all day. Sometimes, you forgot to shutdown because you were in a rush or you were sleepy. Let’s think, you will pay a lot of bill for this extra electricity usage, won’t you? You didn’t using the energy wisely. If you didn’t use your Ubuntu box; I mean your computer/laptop on specific purpose anymore, such as using for typing document, watching movie or listening to favourite music, you can give the timer for your computer/laptop to shutdown itself. In case, you are sleepy and get tired.

This program called ComplexShutdown. There are a lot of options you will get by using this program. You can specify what you want, e.g. shutdown, restart, or standby on specify time (look at the screenshot). You can download it from here. Remember, choose the right package for Ubuntu. If you’re using Ubuntu x86 then you have to download package i386, but if you’re using Ubuntu x86_64 then you have to download package amd64. I’m using this program on Lucid Lynx amd64.

But, I have another trick. If you didn’t want to use this software, you can use your terminal to make the timer. For example:

$ sudo shutdown -h 18:30
Broadcast message from luckyborneo@ubuntu
(/dev/pts/2) at 15:18 ...
The system is going down for halt in 192 minutes!

The system will shutdown by itself on 18:30 (using 24 hours format)… Have a nice learn here… 😉

And remember, use the energy wisely. Support for green planet..

Lucky Borneo

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